The St. George-Sutherland Women's Cricket Club


The St. George – Sutherland Women’s Cricket Club was established in 2002 when the St. George and the Sutherland women’s grade clubs merged, creating the mighty Slayers.

The Slayers compete in the Sydney Cricket Association Women’s competition and field a team in every grade, including the under 18’s Brewer Shield competition.

Despite our young history as a club, the Slayers are a hugely successful club, boasting ten club championships and over 25 premierships.



Many of the great women’s players of recent time have worn the Slayers’ colours over the years including Rene Farrell (Australia), Nicola Carey (NSW), Erin Osborne (Australia), Leah Poulton (Australia), Beth Morgan (England), Kath Koschel (NSW) and Tahlia Wilson (NSW).